Day of tolerance in Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

  • The stories that our lives write are a painful experience for many. We want to minimize the painful experience. Can I, and how do I influence it?

    Accepting other peoples, religion, culture, skin color, language ... should be the cornerstone of any democratic society. We must be aware that we can change many things with our tolerant attitude and actions.

    People are often focused on flaws and mistakes, but too often we notice and highlight in the individual what he or she is good at or what we like about it.

    In the day of tolerance we wanted to encourage each of us to find something beautiful in our fellow man. What seemed important to us was the fact that beautiful thoughts circulate with which we worshiped the souls of children and us.

    Through various stories, viewing pictures, students learned about intolerance, reduced tolerance, and discussed a good attitude towards people. We also thought critically about how we respond to ourselves, what and how we could do better. They artfully created and drew fractals of friendship. 

    We also prepared a letter  which each individual wrote a beautiful thought about his or her neighbor and delivered it to him/her.

    The smiling faces, the hugs, reflected that they felt beautiful, they were happy and that our goal was achieved: to pacify the soul of each of them and to stimulate beautiful feelings.


    Students and teachers of the Erasmus + team