1. Brainstorming: sustainable citizenship???

  • As a citizen, which sphere are you more interested in?
    16 votes (29.09%)
    10 votes (18.18%)
    11 votes (20.00%)
    All of them
    18 votes (32.73%)

    • CREATIVITY: create a collaborative and interactive picture together to understand the idea of sustainable development and sustainable citizenship.
    • CURRICULUM: English reading, writing, speaking and  understanding.   Vocabulary: sustainable dev.
    • Methodology: media literacy to gather information
    • COLLABORATION: share ideas, definitions, photos to create a valuable infographic.
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Genially
    • RESULT: an interactive infographic to gather info for our radio show.



    1. Each country chooses a sphere ( Environmental / Social / Economic ) to suggest a glossary, a game... that can help talk on the topic.

    Germany: Social


    France: Environment.

    2. Spain will create a recap video with 3 expert teachers on one of each sphere, a biology teacher, a social science teacher and an economy teacher to explain the idea of sustainable development and citizenship; which will complete our previous charter of European citizen and digital European citizen.



    1. Observe the Genially : it is here to provide you with the vocabulary you will need and games to work on; it will also give you key ideas on sustainability.
    2. Go to the discussion to ask questions about the information you haven't understood or about the missing information for you. Teachers will answer you.
    3. If you've enjoyed this activity, join the Program page of our radio show and suggest a podcast of a minute (and a half) using the right words and ideas you think are essential to be shared to guide people to their sustainable citizenship. Words and key ideas you have learnt while working and sharing on this page.


    S.O.C.I.A.L & M.E.D.I.A sustainable citizenship

    Environmental sphere: video listening activity.

    environmental sphere.pdf


    Click here to open the Genially: https://view.genial.ly/606de5277ba6360d7147c0ee

    ON THE INTERNET (for kids)