5. False information!


    1. Brainstorming: the vocabulary of media and journalism:

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    2. READ, WATCH, and react in the discussion giving your opinion and advice.

    Here are more explanations to make the difference between:

    1. Misinformation - defective information or ‘mistakes’,
    2. Disinformation - deceptive information or ‘hoaxes’, and
    3. Malinformation - damaging information or ‘gossip’.



    a. READING: Do you trust in what you see? Be careful with photos! Have a look into this document and find out what is true and what is not.



    b. Write a poem which would complete those sentences:

    "What would you be if "

    What would be, if I do no longer need any likes from social networks for my self-esteem...

    What would be if I get honest answers to my questions about yself...

    What would be, if I love and appreciate myself just the way I am...

    What would be, if not only my look and appearance is perceived by others but also all my great skills, qualities and caracteristics...

    What would be, if my ideal is identical with my self-perception and the way others see me, and what do I need to achieve this...

    What would be, if I were the last human on erath and what would I do...

    [This game can go on ...]

    You can illustrate it with a drawing of yourself and share your final production in the TwinBoard.


    Create a simple informational poster about "false" information from your notes and the discussion ideas.

  • Share your poem or poster with your name & country.

    𝕴𝖘 𝖎𝖙 𝖘𝖔 𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖉 𝖙𝖔 𝖇𝖊 𝖆 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖑 𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓? Cristina Sola (Spain)

    What would happen if we didn't judge ourselves by appearances,
    what would we be if we published our insides,
    what would happen if we were ourselves,
    what would we be if we took off our mask on social media.
    Is it so hard to be a real person?

    Beauty comes from within!

    It's so hard for a lot of people to be on social media as they are and to stand by themselves. I have to say honestly that in such a society it is not easy to hide the bad prejudices of other people. But if it's just like every human being, and if everyone understands that it's much nicer to show yourself in public as you are, then it wouldn't be a problem to show yourself as you are. Besides, what does it mean to look good? Who has the right to set an ideal of beauty? For me, being beautiful means having a valuable character and being authentic!

    Paola - Corsica
    Nathan - Corsica

    Fake news is sometimes linked to a person!
    Be careful with your eReputation!

    Keranis Aggelos, Greece

    Fake news sometimes can be very tricky... Usually people are being the "TV victims".They always believe what they see and hear. Journalists try to make everything so dramatic as a result to put thoughts in people's minds

    Tasos Alepous,Greece

    Fake news sometimes can affect the person and put him in thoughts also can even cause him psychological problems. That is why we all need to be careful.

    Niovi, greece
    clémentine paola corsica

    in the world we live in we have to fit into boxes, we have have to
    have a very beautiful body butno expose it otherwise we are not respectable. Leaving without thought in the eyes of others is very complicated because weare criticized a lot.we are juged more by men than by women,for men wemusthave a shapely body, we must have a big chest,a small waist and a big buttoks. Women often forget that they areall beatiful.

    Aurélien - Corsica
    Talia, Spain

    What would happen if we just told the truth, told someone you liked them or didn't like them? What would happen if we were honest? Telling the truth is always better, in the end, it always comes out.

    If everyone saw each other for the person they truly were I think that everyone would be better liked as you would immediately attract poeple who like you as yourself. I also believe that poeple would be happier in general, nobody would put up or maintain a facade and they would just be themselves.

    Katia, Greece

    Be careful with fake news!

    María Ángeles, Spain

    What would happen if we didn’t judge others by their personalities or by their body?
    We don’t know the inside of other people, so we judge only for the appearance. We live thinking in what people could say.
    We are going to be judged by everything, so we have to do the things that make us happy. We don’t have to concern about our body
    I’m the owner of my body and i can do with it whatever i want.
    Nobody is perfect and nobody has the perfect face and body.

    If I were the last human on Earth (María, Spain)

    If I were the last human on Earth,I'd be really scared at first. I would have to cover my necessities by my own, beacuse the food at the supermarkets would run out soon. I'd have to learn new skills like harvesting and maybe hunting. Some things won't work because they are controlled by humans (like TV, for example), so I'd have to stick to hobbies such as reading. I don't think I'd ever run out of books, as there are so many different books. The only advantage of being the only human on earth is that you can't disturb anyone , so I could sream and sing at the top of my lungs whenever and wherever I wanted to. I don't think I'd ever get used to it, as I'd miss all my family and friends, but I'd have to figure out how to live all by myself.

    What would I be if I no longer got any likes from my social networks (Darius, Spain)

    Well, I would be a little fish in this big ocean called Socia Media. A fish that has no one and swims just for the ocean or something that people try to avoid or belittle, because if you don't have likes in your Social network it is frowned upon by today's youth.

    If I got honest answers to questions about myself (Ana Sánchez, Spain)

    I think that I woulb be perfect, like everyone, since I have the answers to our questions.

    What would I be if I were the last human on Earth (Adrián, Spain)

    What would I do? I don't know where to go, the silence makes me feel strange.
    The shops seem to be closed, there is nobody to talk with.
    I would search for some food, I would look for someone else.
    I would go away from home, although nobody would appear.

    Be careful with fake news