ErasmusDays 2020 & events

  • Collège du Fium'Orbo, Corsica, France.

    1. Brigitte Collomb animated three-day training courses for an Erasmus project transnational mobility; she presented OUR project as a Twinspace and project example on Thursday, Erasmusdays 15th

    2. Collège du Fium'Orbo had his Erasmusdays on Friday 16th!


    12th High School of Aharnes 

    12th High School of Aharnes  had his Erasmusdays on Thursday 15th!

    Last year's students, who participated in the Erasmus Mobilities, talked to our new students about their experience.

    Younger students drew posters with the theme of Erasmus and our Erasmus project and then exhibited their drawings on the walls of the school.