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  • Your Christmas tree
    My Christmas tree in a gigantic fir tree!
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    My Christmas tree is a normal size fir tree.
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    My Christmas tree is a live tree in a pot or in my garden!
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    My Christmas tree is a long-lasting plastic tree.
    13 votes (48.15%)
    I haven't got a Christmas tree at home!
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  • Tweet a picture of your Christmas tree with your presents, your crib! Write your name + country + share an explanation and a grateful comment!

    Collège du Fium'Orbo Christmas tree

    Here is our Christmas tree with a photo of "Coluche", a famous French actor and humorist who invented the "Resto du coeur" ; canteens for homeless people; Coluche died in a motorbike accident. Fortunately, the Resto du Coeur continued existing and every year for Christmas the school collects food, clothes and toys for the poor people.

    Orsu-Francescu Corsica

    In the photo of my Christmas tree, there is an enormous amount of decorations like baubles, garlands, socks, candy canes, pine cones on the fir tree and even a star at the top of the tree ! and all around the tree, there are a lot of gifts for all my family. Next to and behind the tree, there is a lamp with a table. What an amazing Christmas !


    I don't have a tree I was too lazy to do it

    Flavie corsica

    My Christmas tree is decorated a lot with red and golden baubles and luminous or red garlands. It’s a real tree with a star at the top. What’s a beautiful Christmas !!

    Nathan, Corsica

    Here is my Christmas tree I have a very little decorated and very simple tree, there is only one garland and luminous but which can be personalized; The star on the top is pink gold. I didn't make any crib. I put a white carpet at the foot. The christmas baubles are white and pink gold. I hope your christmas was cool; I wish you a happy new year and a lot of goods things !

    Chiara, Corsica

    The theme of my tree this year was nature and white with a few touches of gold. There was some garlands of light as one with a rope.
    On a driftwood next to it, were rope on which hung light bulbes.
    The star was white and golden.
    At the foot of the tree, there was a white carpet with cute polar bears and a tree. I didn’t make a crib.
    Of course, the 24th on the evening there were presents for all of my family ! I wish you a grateful new year !

    My Christmas tree (Louka Corsica)

    My christmas tree is a tall fir tree. On its branches, there are a lot of Christmas baubles and some colored tinsels and some fairy lights. There's a star at its top, and fake snow at its bottom.
    Have a great year !

    Yanis , CORSICA

    My tree is green, it is medium in size. it is decorated and has decorations there are baubles, garlands, a santa claus on the walls and santa claus under the tree; I made my Christmas tree with the magic of Christmas. this was my favourite Christmas.

    Leandru Corsica

    The decorations on my tree are made up of normal and electric garlands, red, white, blue and yellow Christmas baubles, small stars and gingerbread men. And at the very top the big Christmas star . On the right a small white decoration with ice skaters.On the photo there is no gift

    Katia Corsica

    My Christmas tree is a plastic tree with red and white decorations.
    Next to the tree are two small soft toys, a reindeer and a snowman.
    Above the tree is the Nativity scene I made it with my mother.
    Merry christmas to you

    ROUSSEL maëlys - Corsica

    My Christmas tree is a medium-sized tree.
    It is decorated witch Christmas plastic baubles, and with a fairy light.
    I don't have photos because I have already removed it; i had put it in my room I had decorated with my father.
    I celebrated Christmas with my sister and her boyfriend, my brothers and my father

    oceane corsica

    my christmas tree is small with yellow Christmas baubles with barley sugar; I had Christmas with my parents and my brother we couldn't do with my family


    My Christmas tree is big and majestic, it is surrounded by fairy lights.
    There are many baubles and Christmas figurines.The tree trunk is a santa claus,at the foot of the tree there is a crib signifying the village of Jesus.

    Laurent (corsica)

    Hello ! My Christmas tree is small and in wood (an artificial tree) the tree is decorated of light and garlands. Under, there is the house of Jesus. The gifts were under the tree as you know.


    I bought my tree this year and I have a lot of ornaments and lights on it. I think it is very beautiful. I wish for the new year that Covid 19 disappears and that we all are always healthy. Have a great New Year 2021.


    Ηere you see my Christmas tree. We have had this particular tree for 10 years. On the tree we have placed red and silver balls, and various other balls with different designs. At the top my dad has put an angel instead of a star.

    Aggelos, Greece

    I bought my christmas tree about two years ago when i was ten years old. It is very big and beautiful with all the amazing toys and colorful balls that has....And finally for 2021 i wish to be better than 2020 and good luck to every one

    Orestis Greece

    This is my tree.It have many balls in every color. Is big and short and i like it.At the top it have a big yellow star.This is my christmas tree and happy new year!

    Katia, Greece

    This year, we didn't decorate a Christmas tree because of my grandpa's death. So, instead of a tree, we decorated the fireplace! There is a Christmas sock, lights and some small baubles. Happy new year everyone!

    Niovi, Greece

    This year we decided to make our Christmas tree as red as possible. The tree is artificial and actually older than me. We really like the Christmas lights so we decorated our tree and fireplace with them. Most of the baubles are red but there are white and colorful ones as well. My favorite part about it, they are the gifts and the Santa Claus underneath it. And a little secret: The presents are actually empty boxes in this photo. The real ones were hidden elsewhere!

    Vasiliki, Greece

    This is my Christmas tree. It is a tall, long-lasting plastic tree. This year, we decorated with many different kinds of bobbles and ornaments, which are all sorts of colours. We own two stars, but this year we put up the white one instead of the silver star. We prefer decorating our tree with rainbow lights, because we don't want it to be monochrome. The house looks very lively during the Christmas period. Last but not least, we put this red rug underneath the tree and we also put a little house called Fatni, which is the barn where Jesus Christ was born. Not many houses decorate the underneath of their tree with a Fatni in Greece anymore.

    Elpida, Greece

    This is my Christmas tree. It is two metres tall and we decorated it with colourful balls , lights and big christmas flowers. There are also christmas cards on it. Under the tree we put a small "fatni" which is like the place wher Jesus Christ was born. Presents ,for all my family, are under the christmas three. We have the tree in the living room and it gives a celebrated atmosphere during christmas. I like so much christmas , the best season of the year!!!!

    Angelina, Greece

    Every year, like most families, we decorate a Christmas tree and this year our tree was brighter than ever. My tree is very tall. Even below there are gifts, some toys and the manger. Also on the entire surface of the tree there are thousands of ornaments, some small, some large, some shiny, some colored and balls with patterns and colors. Finally, at the top of the tree there is a bright, shining and shining star that makes the tree more beautiful. I hope every year we decorate such a beautiful tree!

    Irene Bastouna, Greece

    Last year I bought a new Christmas tree. We have decorated it with many colorful lights and red and green ornaments. I wish 2021 will be better than 2020,full of love and joy !!!


    My Christmas tree is decorated with red baubles with white details. It also has red, white and gold fake leaves with red balls in the middle and at the top there's a gold with red star. I celebrated christmas with my parents and sisters and I hope you had fun and I wish you happy new year.

    Clara Corsica

    my 2020 Christmas tree was quite tall. I have a plastic tree, it is decorated in beige, white and wood tones. The balls are very nice, there are some in green some made of rigid plastic. There are all shapes of snowflakes, circles or even special shapes. A small garland is placed around the luminous tree. At the foot of the tree there is a carpet as if it were snow with some statues like polar bears or little penguins.

    Clem corsica

    my tree this year was very big and tall. There were three big red garlands, other fairy lights. It was filled with colorful balls, barley sugar and Santa Claus. It is positioned in the living room so that when we get up on the 25th morning we can see all our gifts.

    Vasilis, Greece

    My Christmas tree is a plastic one and gigantic. Like every year, we decorate it with golden and shiny red ornaments. We also decorate it with many colourful Christmas lights from top to bottom. Have a happy new year!

    Paola, corsica

    my tree is green and quite thick, it has white and gold Christmas balls, little white stars and golden ribbons, there are white lights and a golden star, I love my tree. Merry christamst ans happy new year

    Orfeas Creece

    i have bought that tree 2 years ago. I decorated that tree with my famile. I wish that everyone in 2021 to have good time with they parent.

    Sara, Spain

    Hey, it's Sara!! Here is my Christmas tree, a bit different from the others
    It's a "pita", a typical plant on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
    We have decorated it with some hand-made ornaments and some beautiful lights, which we put days after taking the photo... Hope you like it and I wish you all a great year!!

    My Christmas tree

    Hello, I am Mercedes, from Spain.
    At home we have a normal Christmas tree, it is not too high or too small. We decorate it all together at home and we have a lot of fun! On the 6th January, when I get up, there are lots of presents under the tree, I just love it!