Meet the French Students!


    • CREATIVITY: create attractive scripted videos and take selfies in a chosen background in order to entice the partners to watch them, be authentic in our creative style.
    • CURRICULUM: English writing and understanding,present simple,questions, likes and dislikes; vocabulary of place of life, description, personality, clothes,pets, hobbies,... language of pictures; awareness of natural and cultural places as learning places. (Cross Curriculum: English - ICT - history)
    • COLLABORATION: collaborate in local team to the creation of an interactive infographic; games and survey + dissemination.
    • DIGIAL TOOL: YouTube, Movie Maker, Genially, Survey Monkey / Google Form / google doc...
    • RESULT: an interactive infographic of the team to be shared on this page:

    Introduce yourself in a 1 minute video & shoot a nice selfie

    1. You must choose a video background. You can shoot in a place you particularly like: in town, at the beach, in your garden, in the forest, at your horse riding school... ; or you can choose to be in front of an open window .... ; (teaching and influencing environments.)
    2. You must write the script of your video.( a video script is a creative text with the directives as an actor and instructions for filming including visual and audio information.) Where ? When? What? Your text. (Talking to be heard and to impact.)
    3. The introduction + the text: give information to help the viewer understand the reason of your video then introduce yourself; try to show your authenticity, explaining your clothing style, likes, disikes...
    4. The questionnaire or game: suggest one game or survey about your video; (fun, awareness and understanding measurement.
    5. Invite your friends  to watch your video and answer your surveys.


    1. You might need someone to film you. Get directions ready in your clip.
    2. You must film in the morning or in the evening to have the best light. Be careful if you choose an open window not to have the light coming fom behind.
    3. If you film outside; you can be still or you can move.
    4. You must use your smartphone in the "landscape" position.
    5. You can send your video to your teacher from the net using "We Transfer"
    6. Your authenticity will be: in your choice of background, in your text, in your gesture and acting, in your emotions exchanged, in your creativity making your video.
    7. Don't forget to use free music and pictures if needed.