2. Our logo, our identity (2019-2020)

  • THIS LOGO WAS made last year, on the first year of the project; here were the objectives and the activity.

    It was made thanks to the interaction of the English teachers for communication voting and arguing, the math teachers for the use of Geogebra and the Art teachers for creativity and photography.


    • What about using the language of words and images? 
    • brainstorm the title of the project to make sure you have understood the goal and objectives of the project.
    • photography of our countries
    • our flags 
    • know the symbolism of colours
    • use geogebra


    1. share free of rights pictures of your town or region in the dedicated folder
    2. If needed, remember how to take good photos on the video of the "photography workshop"
    3. On this same page you will also be able to remember how to create a tree logo with Geogebra.
    4. Create this tree and fill in the branches with an equal number of photos from the folders of each country. Be artistic!
    5. Suggest your logo or your logos in following Twinboard.
    6. Vote and argue for your favourite logo when we are ready ! Don't forget to write your name and country.