3. Students' introduction


    • CREATIVITY: imagine videos, or audios, or talking pictures, or beautiful texts to introduce yourself; most students ave been knowing each other for 3 years now! Some teams will use the eTwinning Profile to introduce themselves.
    • CURRICULUM: English writing, reading, speaking, understanding; vocabulary: personality, looks, hobbies, sports...
    • Methodologies: how to write the script of a video or an audio, a written portrait...
    • COLLABORATION: interactive communication and questionnaires.
    • DIGITAL TOOL: YouTube, Google Form, Survey Monkey
    • RESULT: audio, videos or text + questionnaire


    1. Prepare a script to introduce yourself orally. OR write a text.
    2. Shoot a video that shows your authenticity or record an audio.
    3. Imagine a short questionnaire which can be individual or global for your country.
    4. Share your work in the Twinboard or on this page.
    5. Read or listen to your friends + answer the questions.
    6. You can note down questions you would like to ask in future letters exchanged!

    2. Communication in foreign languages
    4. Digital competence
    5. Learning to learn
    6. Social and civic competences
    7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
    8. Cultural awareness and expression


    To watch the videos and do the surveys, click on the Genially arrow or here: https://view.genial.ly/5fba926d99f74016196036c5


    If you want to know more about the greek students ,look for them in the space , read their introductions and answer their questions . 



    These are the German students.


    Meet the Spanish students:

    If you click on the links, you will be sent to thei etwinning profile page.




  • Share your presentation in the page or here or share a link to it.