B. Christmas typical stories


    • CREATIVITY: rewrite Christmas stories from our countries. ( at least one for each country)
    • CURRICULUM: English vocabulary, reading, writing
    • Methodologies: how to find the right story on the net or school library ... rewrite and illustrate this story so that it is not too long and entertaining.
    • COLLABORATION: European teams
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Framapad, Genially
    • RESULT: illustrated stories



    1. Negotiate your role in the discussion at the bottom of this page.
    2. Use those framapads to write your stories collaboratively. Don't forget to choose your color and to write your name at the top right handcorner.
    3. Copy paste each of them in the twinboard with an illustration made by you. You can suggest other illustrations in the "materials" section.Don't forget to write the authors' and illustrators' names and countries.

    A German Christmas story:


    A French Christmas story:


    A Greek Christmas story:


    A Spanish Christmas story:



    TIP: you can chat from your Framapad directly if you are working on together. Look at the bottom right hand corner!

  • 4 stories 4 twinboards! Don't forget the drawings!


    Here is a photo of a woman taking off the oghju.


    This is a log in front of the church of Abazzia.

    Flavie corsica

    here is a picture of saint nicolas

    Flavie corsica

    here is a picture of the "buche de noel"

    Chiara, Corsica.

    Petit Papa Noël, Tino Rossi

    Katerina ,Greece

    Here is a picture of ''kalikantzari ''

    Aggelina, Greece

    Here is a picture of Vasilopita ..

    Luna, España

    In that photo you can see typical Christmas sweets from Spain, they are called; “polvorón, mantecados and turrón”