• Do you prefer writing & receiving:
    Long friendly letters!
    1 vote (20.00%)
    Cultural or seasonal postcards!
    0 votes (0%)
    emails on the TwinSpace!
    0 votes (0%)
    Both letters and postcards!
    1 vote (20.00%)
    Both letters and emails
    0 votes (0%)
    Both postcards and emails !
    0 votes (0%)
    I really love exchanging letters, postcards and emails!
    3 votes (60.00%)

    • CREATIVITY: decorated letters and postacards, according to our European countries culture and seasons; with constructive and responsive content.
    • CURRICULUM: English writing and understanding. Vocabulary on various topics.
    • Methodologies: how to write a formal and informal letter; how to write an email. Citizen pathway.
    • COLLABORATION: interactive communication which will be able to strenghten the students links and prepare them for the mobilities. Diplomacy.
    • DIGITAL TOOL: possible email answers too.
    • RESULT: pen pal activity and exchange of little handmade presents.

    COLORS: pupils travelling to

    Blue: Germany (German pupils who have been in Corsica)

    Red: Spain

    Green: Greece

    Pedro Hannah H.   Sara
    Orsu-Francescu Sophie    
    Aurélien Leni (9b)/ Carlotta (8b)    
    Oceane Sabine    
    Katia Hannah L.    
    Maëlys (Jessica)    
    Clémentine Laura U    
    Paola Svenja (-> Ainhoa)    
    Flavie Marie (-> Ana C.)   Ana Collado
    Clara Lucia (-> Mercedes)   Mercedes
    Quentin Magdalena (-> Mari Angeles)   Mari Ángeles
    Georges Laura Ö. (-> Cristina C.)   Cristina C.
    Scymen Melissa (-> Cristina S.)   Cristina S.
    Laurent Noemi (-> Luna)   Luna
    Chiara Letizia (-> Katerina ) Irini 


    Ana S.

    Léandru Fabia (-> Aggelos Sekkas) Elpida   
    Louka Antonia (-> Jackinthi) Vasilis K. Talia
    Yanis Simone (Stella) Vasilis Seretis Darius
    Jean-Baptiste Regina (->Fotini) Apostolis   Rubis
    Nathan Theresa (-> Vassiliki) Kostas Mónica
    Kentin Chiara (-> Amalia) Aggelos Keranis 

    María Dominguez


    Davia Sophie (-> Laura C.)    Laura
    Ange-Etienne Amelie (-> Cala)    Cala
    (Don't know if...)