• express your gratitude about the project
    • wish the partners joyful summer holidays
    • tell what you have planned for your holiday?



    1. create an illustration and share it on a Twinboard, it can be a photo or a Wordart ( You can use all the words and ideas contained in this project to check if you got it all.
    2. write a text to express your gratitude and say "goodbye" in the twinboard.




    I would like (you) to + Bv.
    I'd love (you) to + BV.
    I feel like + BVing. (J'ai envie de )
    I hope to + BV. (J'espère)
    I wish (I) + preterit modal.
    If only (I) + preterit modal.
    To be looking foward to + BVing. (avoir hâte de)
    To dream of + BVing / GN.
    To be dying for + GN


    I will +BV.
    This is what ...
    I am definitely BVing.
    I am determined (not) to + BV.



    love + BVing / GN.  (adorer / aimer)                                                                     adore + BVing / GN.  (adorer)                                                         
    like + BVing / GN.  (aimer)
    enjoy + BVing / GN.  (apprécier)
    fancy + BVing / GN.                                                       
    be keen on + BVing /GN.                                                             
    be fond of + BVing / GN.   

    French team working on assessment & messages!




    Greek students' last day at school working on assessment questionnaire and goodbye messages!!!


  • What is you final word about our project? Time to wish everybody nice summer holiday!

    Angelina, Greece

    Although that was a difficult year because of covid-19, summer is coming and we have a lot of hopes. In the summer i will relax and enjoy my lazy days at the beach. I 'm going to Paros and I‘m going camping for two weeks. Visit all the places you have always wanted to know, go and enjoy great moments each day to the fullest. Happy summer vacation!

    clara, corsica

    I'm really nostalgic for you saying goodbye. Thank you for these 3 years spent with us. goodbyes are not always easy but we come out very happy to have known you. Our beautiful letters will remain with us so that in several years we can still have many memories. This social experience was amazing, we are really disappointed that we weren't able to see you this year because of the covid. we hope you will have a good summer and maybe you will come on holiday to Corsica! we'll meet Again !

    paola corsica

    It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to you, tout ca, these trips, these letters and I missed everything, this experience was very enriching, I hope with all my heart to find you one day. links with correspondents I think this is an opportunity that we have not twice in a lifetime. thanks a lot <3

    Davia Corsica

    This year with covid 19 it was difficult but we still had a lot of fun for this summer i would like to have fun relax and enjoy so i wish you all good summer and lots of good times and a good continuation

    Chiara, Corsica

    Thank you for the 3 years of twinspace, it has helped me strengthen my English skills. We have met many new people and I am sad that covid did not allow us to do more things.
    I hope your summer goes well, we are taking the Brevet.
    Thanks to my pen pals Carmen and Sara.
    I wish you a very nice continuation !
    (this is a picture of my school)

    laurent CORSICA

    today I say goodbye to all the people of the twinspace, it was an honor to participate in this activity with all of you, I have love work on this activty. Good summer vacation I wish you health and success bye.

    Louka, Corsica

    I am sad that this adventure is coming to an end. These three years spent together are and will be unforgettable. I hope you will have a good summer. I will think of you and especially of Pantelis who is my pen pal. Big kisses, goodbye!


    this Year brings me nostalgia, I think back to all the activities on which we had a good laugh and we had a good time. It is with triqtesse that I leave this year and I hope to find you again next year.
    happy holidays and see you next year.

    Leandru Corsica

    I wish a good holiday of summer despite the covid . i say goodbye

    Katia Corsica

    I wish you all a very good holiday even with this period of covid 19 thank you for having been in this project for 3 years.
    Good luck to you, I will miss you.


    it's the end of the year it's time ti say goodnye for thise good luck


    This year has been very difficult due to COVID-19. But summer has arrived. In the summer I will relax, I will go camping for two weeks, I will go to the sea every day and I will go to my village. Visit the places you want and enjoy wonderful moments. Happy SUMMER !!! 🥰🥰

    Flavie corsica

    It’s time to say goodbye, I’m so glad to all of you, for your letters, for the 3 year spend here. I wish you all the best for your life and a very good continuation. I never forget you, you can also text me in my social media. Love you all

    Orsu-Francescu, Corsica

    So, my dear correspondents, it's time to say goodbye. It was a vey nice and interesting experience that I had the honor to participate and personnaly, I am very disapointed that we had not been able to see each other more often, but i'm sure we will meet again! More, next year i will be in European class so we will have even more chances to continue exchanging in English. That's not easy because i love receiving letters, messages and pictures from you. I will continuate to improve my english skill without you unfortunately but i won't forget you. So i wish you a very good holidays and good studies ! Goodbye.

    Maëlys, CORSICA

    Thank for the adventure, it was very funny! I will miss you a lot. I would have liked to see you but covid messed it all! I wish you great holidays.

    I wish you wonderful holiday. This project was a good experience, thnak you! Goodbye !

    Jean-Baptiste - Corsica

    In review we will have to stop talking through twinspace.I really enjoyed this year with you.


    Hello, I am haapy as the summer holidays are coming, I wish you great holidays too! I am going home to Poland this summer to see my family. It will be quite nice! I have liked working with you on the project. Goodbye!

    Orfeas Sigletos Greece

    This year by my opinion it was very bad because we cant just to take off our masks and do our lessons this is not possible but is all done. This years is over. The summer has come. It will be great in my opinion. I hope that you will have a great summer too, with out the covid-19 to mess with you. Have a nice Summer 😎😎

    George, Greece

    I really enjoyed and learned lot of different things in this not so easy year from this program but summer is coming soon and we will have to say goodbye. I hope that all of you are going to get some rest and have fun in your holidays. This summer I' am going to go to my cottage in Oropos. It was an honor working with all of you this year.

    Keranis Aggelos, Greece

    This year was very tough for everyone and especially for kids.I wish everybody to continue doing new things ,actions and hobbies. For this summer i have planned to go on atrip to an island with my family and my bestfried. Moreover, other than that i will be relaxing at my home. Finally, have a brilliant summer and stay positive. Love you.. Bye

    Elpida, Greece

    This year, although it was a difficult year due to Conid-19, I hope we all enjoy the coming summer and be happy! I wish you a good time and visit all the places you want! Happy holidays!


    In three days it is summer and i am very happy for that.At july sixteen i will go to a camp with my friends.We are going to play many games and we gonna sing songs. Also, we will go to the pool and the beach. I wish you a fantastic summer. Bye!!!😊😊😉😉😉

    Tasos, Greece

    Covid-19 was very tough and a lot of people lost their lives. For this summer have planned to go on vacation to Santorini and also go camping with my friends for two weeks. I hope that everybody will get some rest ...see you soon bye!

    Mena, Greece

    Saying goodbye is a hard thing and even more now that we didn't had the chance to see you. I wish that we'll see you next year. I had so much fun in this project but this is the end for now. Happy holidays and have fun wish you all the best!

    Basiliki, Greece

    This year was a very difficult one, yet we still managed to work amazingly together. I enjoyed every second of this interesting journey we went through, and I am quite sad that the French students won't be able to come and visit us. Nonetheless, I hope that you have a great summer and you spend it having lots of fun. I truly thank you for this experience everyone! This year, after my lower exam, I am going to go to Tolo, a small town near Nauplio in the Peloponnese region. It is very beautiful there and I never get bored of it. Have a great summer, everyone! :)))

    Helen, Greece

    Even if i didn't have someone to talk with, i really like everything we did for this program(the meetings, the projects etc.). It was a really fun experience that will be engraved in my memory. It's sad that we won't get to meet, but at least we got to connect through our projects. For summer, I will go to my village in Trikala. I really like it there. Have a great summer!

    Brigitte - French teacher

    Dear students, dear partners, the school year is over in France! I would like to wish you wonderful summer holidays with your family and friends! We had another fabulous year working on memorable activities this year! What a breathtaking project! Goodbye and good luck for the students who are continuing their schooling in another school in September and see you next year to the others!

    Letizia, Germany

    Goodbye to all of you! I enjoyed the time very much and IM glad that the project worked well, although the corona pandemic. Happy Summer Holidays!

    Lucia, Germany

    Thank you for the great three years, I really enjoyed the time! I hope we will see us soon, but for now it´s time to say goodbye!
    Happy Holidays :)

    Laura Germany

    Hey Friends! I really enjoyed this time and the activitys was Great. I dont want to say goodbye and i am sad that it is all over now:( Maybe we will meet us again. I will spend two weeks in summer on the beach:) And i will and Hope i can spend the Rest of time with my Friends. I wish you the best and Hope you will have a really great summer! Love you. Greetings and Stay healthy!

    Theresa, GERMANY

    Now itˋs the end of the year and itˋs time to say goodbye! It was an another very nice year on twinspace and I hope we can see us next year!
    I wish you a good time and stay healthy :)) Love, Theresa!

    Simone Schwarz - Germany

    Dear friends!
    I am very sad this atventure comes to an end. But i am looking forward for the next :) Stay healthy! Bye

    Fabia, Germany

    Thank you for this great time! It was a wonderful year and I enjoyed this time with you very much. I learned lot´s of new things about other countries, got to know new people and improved my english skills. I wish you wonderful summer holidays! Enjoy the free time!

    Chiara & Sabine, Germany

    It is sad to say Goodbye to our Friends of the Erasmus project. But we are greatful for the time we had. And now we wish you nice holidays and all the best for your Future. And now - Goodbye.

    Charlotte, Germany

    Thank you for this beautiful and educational time here on twinspace :) I hope you all have a nice summer. Enjoy your holidays!

    Marie, Germany

    It‘s the end of the year and time to say goodbye. I really enjoyed the time here on twinspace and hope you all have happy holidays and a wonderful summer :)

    Eva, Greece

    I wanna say goodbye to you guys, I really hope that the next year will be better! We should finally relax and enjoy our summer holidays to the fullest! BYEE:) 💙

    Katia, Greece

    Hello everyone! I would like to thank all of you for making this school year interesting and fun. Despite the difficulties, we managed to work together perfectly. This project was amazing. I learned a lot of new things and read everyone's ideas and point of view. I wish you all the best for your summer holidays! Have fun and stay safe! Goodbyee :)

    Eftihia Chroni , Greece

    Dear partners and students, another year of working on this fabulous project is over. I would like to thank every and each one of you for the great time we had together. Especially I would like to thank the Corsican students for their hospitality when we were in their country and their commitment to the project. I wish you to have a wonderful summer time and a good start to your new school. We will miss you !!
    I hope everyone will relax and enjoy holidays to the fullest.!!! See you next September !!!

    Marietta, Germany

    Goodbye, I wish you happy Holidays! :)

    Melissa (Germany)

    Thank you for the great time together. I was very happy to have met a lot of great new people. I loved the actions with the letters and I was always very happy :) I wish each of you wonderful holidays and all the best for the next few years.

    Regina, Germany

    Dear friends, it was a pleasure to meet you all. It was such a nice time. I enjoyed the projects together very much. I hope you have an unforgettable summer. I wish you all the best for the future. See you again. Regina


    Thank you for the wonderful years of working with twinspace!
    I have met many nice new people here and I have improved my Englisch skills.
    I am sad that this is slowly coming to an end, but I really enjoyed this time.
    In the Summer holidays I am going to Italy and visit my relatives :)
    I wish you also very relaxing summer holidays and I hope that we can meet in person someday.
    Now I am saying goodbye to all the lovely peolple on twinspace.
    I wish you very nice summer holidays!

    Laura Ö.

    the last three years were a lot of fun! Stay healthy and have nice holidays. See you 💓

    Vasilis Greece

    It was a pleasure.meeting everyone there! I hope this summer is going to be good so as that we do well in our exams and then rest from a frustrating year