4. Christmas time together!

  • How much do you enjoy Christmas time?
    I am absolutely crazy about Christmas time and spirit!
    6 votes (18.75%)
    I love Christmas time and spirit!
    18 votes (56.25%)
    I like Christmas!
    6 votes (18.75%)
    I like Christmas time but it's not my favourite quality moment!
    2 votes (6.25%)

    • CREATIVITY: an interactive and responsive handbook created thanks to personal narration and ideas; handmade Christmas cards; which would help us spread Christmas spirit joyfully! The other goals being working on socialization sharing our culture.
    • CURRICULUM: English writing, reading, understanding and telling; vocabulary and word games around Christmas and New Year's Eve; (Art curriculum; European civilization)
    • COLLABORATION: creativity & creation of the handbook in European teams; Christmas and New Year's messages; an exchange of Christmas cards; Christmas games together.
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Genially, YouTube, Learning Apps, Wordart...
    • RESULT: a joyful and interactive Christmas Handbook!

    ACTIVITIES: described in the following pages.