C. A Christmas traditional calendar


    • CREATIVITY:  a calendar or a timeline to compare our traditions with words, pictures, videos...
    • CURRICULUM: English vocabulary, reading, writing
    • Methodologies: how to create a time line or a calendar
    • COLLABORATION: European teams
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Genially
    • RESULT: a calendar of activities from Christmas to the Wise Kings.



    1. Get acquainted with your team and discuss your strategy at the end of the page in the "Discussion", who is doing what?
    2. Use this framapad in order to write the important dates for our countries in December and January for season's greetings. (the avent calendar, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Galette des Rois.....) most dates will be the same.
    3. https://annuel2.framapad.org/p/christmas-traditional-calendar-9kfy?lang=fr
    4. Under these dates: explain what people traditionally do for each country  (decorate their Christmas tree, have their Christmas dinner, open the presents, go to church....) giving as many details as you can. Don't forget to choose a color and write your name and country when writing on the pad.
    5. Take photos during the holidays, shoot videos, in order to illustrate your work .
    6. Share them as soon as you can in the Christmas folders in the materials, there is one for each country: https://twinspace.etwinning.net/118345/materials/images
    7. In the Discussion: Share your favourite photo showing something very traditional + an explanation like a tweet! 


    • name your pictures before sharing them in the folders.
    • send your teachers your videos thanks to We Transfer
    • you can chat from your Framapad directly if you are working on together. Look at the bottom right hand corner!