G. Typical challenges


    • CREATIVITY: imagine fun Chrismas challenges to challenge the partners.
    • CURRICULUM: English vocabulary, reading, writing.
    • Methodologies: how to...
    • COLLABORATION: European teams
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Genially
    • RESULT:



    1. Go to the forum (bottom of the page: Discussion) to imagine fun challenges on Christmas topics using digital tools.
    2. Examples: jigsaw puzzles, escape game,...
    3. Share the idea and links to your challenges in the TwinBoard + name + country.

  • Share the links to your challenges + your name + country (team) + explanations.

    Vasilis K , Greece

    Hello everyone , here is the link of a game I created about Christmas in our countries

    Konstantina , Greece

    Dear partners hi, I have created a game with Christmas Vocabulary.Let's play and enjoy it.


    We will make the final kahoot game for our Christmas handbook! Merry Christmas!