H. Advice for a green Christmas


    • CREATIVITY: share useful ideas to preserve our environment at Christmas time.
    • CURRICULUM: English vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking.
    • Methodologies: how to conduct an interview
    • COLLABORATION: European teams
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Genially
    • RESULT: Interviews to collect advice for a greener Christmas



    1. Go to the forum (bottom of the page "discussion")
    2. Imagine together the perfect questions and answers for an interview on the topic: share useful ideas to preserve our environment at Christmas time.
    3. You can write articles with a photo to be shared in the Twinboard.
    4. You can record your interview, even with montage and share it in the TwinBoard.

  • Your interview + name + country + team. (photo if possible)

    Ange-Etienne - Corsica

    Hello my name is ange etienne here are my advice for a green christmas -don’t wrap presents un glossy printed paper -Use fabric or recycled plain paper

    My idea

    Svenja Moosbauer from Germany
    Every year thousands of Christmas trees are cut down.
    So why doń't we take just little spruce , because we can have a little spruce (they must be really small) Take it with your hands and dig it carefully out of the ground. And when Cristmas is over we must put this little tree back on the same place, where we had taken it out. (That's very important!!!)

    Davia - Corsica

    Hello my name is Davia and my idea for an ecological Christmas it will be to replace the gift paper with craft paper and instead of the ribbon put small fabric ropes

    Aggelos Keranis, greece

    My advice
    My suggestion is to decorate your christmas tree with toys you will make from recycling objects you have at your house.
    You can also send e-cards with your wishes and greetings !!!!!