PROJECT Analysis


    • analyse the project results
    • remember the shared strategies
    • evaluate the project accomplishment
    • see if we have met all the Erasmus requirements
    • share improvement ideas



    1. partners accomplishment:

    • your skills gained and satisfaction (+ your team)
    • have you met your first objectives ?
    • have you met the project deadlines and requirement in all activities?
    • team work analysis
    • your new goals and intentions
    • your students skills gained and satisfaction
    • Impact on your school


    2. project accomplishment:

    • tasks completed?
    • met the deadlines?
    • overcome the covid crisis thanks to a plan B? to a new strategy?
    • crisis communication
    • staff and team work analysis
    • activity on the TwinSpace
    • Complete the Erasmus requirements in due time on the different platforms.

    HERE is a first link to our collaborative project analysis:



    We have done a short analysis of the project which is here and a complete written mid term report for Erasmus France.


    HERE is a  second link to our collaborative quality label application: