I. New Year's Eve & Day


    • CREATIVITY: wishes for a better world, article writing
    • CURRICULUM: English vocabulary, English speaking, writing, reading and understanding.
    • Methodologies: how to write an article
    • COLLABORATION: European teams
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Genially
    • RESULT: Articles about New Year's Eve / Day in our countries.


    1. get acquainted in the forum = go at the bottom of this page in the "Discussion".

    2. Imagine questions to interview each country about his New Year's Eve and Day.

    3. reorder your questions so that the answers will be coherent, informative and entertaining.

    5. arrange interviews between countries from those questions. ( recorded or written)

    6. The person who ask the questions will write the final article with a photo from the person answering the questions and share it in the TwinBoard. (RESULTS: an article or two with a picture representing each country. You can share more picture in the "materials" https://twinspace.etwinning.net/118345/materials/images)