2. Sustainable issues and global warming?

  • According to you, what is the most important environmental social economical issue? (Even if most of these problems are often interdependent)
    Endangered species: poaching, habitat loss, overfishing...
    1 vote (2.78%)
    Climate change & global warming
    16 votes (44.44%)
    Sea level rising, population at risk, migrations...
    0 votes (0%)
    Deforestation and ecosystem disappearance
    5 votes (13.89%)
    Hunger, lack of water, severe droughts, migrations...
    3 votes (8.33%)
    Air, soil and land pollution
    5 votes (13.89%)
    Raw material depletion
    0 votes (0%)
    Difficulties to find renewable energies
    6 votes (16.67%)

    • CREATIVITY: a collaborative infographic made by the students
    • CURRICULUM: English reading, writing, speaking and understanding. Vocabulary: sustainable development, environmental issues.
    • Methodology: media literaty to gather information
    • COLLABORATION: share to create our infographic. See how people can have different concerns and be active citizens in different fields.
    • DIGITAL TOOL: Genially
    • RESULT: an interactive infographic to prepare our radio podcasts.


    ACTIVITY: live your citizenship!

    Let's gather in international teams to help the French students complete their mindmap on sustainable issues and global warming! Some groups will need more help than others, will you be that helpful citizen which will get involved to balance the teams results?


    1. French teams have suggested mindmaps / design thinking maps to help think according to a central subject "sustainable development issues & global warming" and a creativity process: causes / effects/ solutions;
    2. The Greek, Spanish and German students are invited to join the teams directly writing their name & country on this page; in order to improve or digitalize the mindmaps suggested by the French teams. You will find the too small ones in the "material section! YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE the vocabulary and ideas from the previous activity !
    3. Once you have joined a team and gathered new ideas: contact your team in the "Forums" through the button "Discussion" at the bottom of the page to suggest mindmap improvement .
    4. THIS WAY OF THINKING (cause / effect / solutions) will be a process to follow to build up podcasts. [ I am going to talk about "deforestation" (cause) and the loss of animal habitat and the depletion of forest and the planet lungs ....  (effects / impact) ... I think countries should stop savage and massive deforestion and on the contrary, they should use planted trees for timber industry......] Choose what cause / effects / solutions you want to use to write your podcast.
    5. Then you might need to browse the net to develop your ideas for the podcasts or not!
    6. Finally suggest your podcast idea with your team on our Webradio program page if you decide that you feel like building up your podcast from this activity!


    The French students started working at school and finished their mindmap at home in homeschooling!

    FRENCH GROUP 1: Flavie, Paola, Clémentine & Clara

    (Click here to see it bigger)

    Spain: Laura e Inma


    Greece:Vasilis S. & Elpida 

    FRENCH GROUP 2: Davia, Ange-Etienne, Laurent & Quentin.

    Spain: Helena and Cala


    Greece:Aggelos K, & Fenia

    (Click here to see it bigger)

    FRENCH GROUP 3: Nathan, Orsu, Aurélien, Kentin.

    Spain:  Talia and Clara


    Greece:  Niovi & Katia


    FRENCH GROUP 4: Katia, Océane, Maëlys & Scymon

    (Click here to see it bigger)

    Spain: María Dominguez and Marta


    Greece: Vasiliki  & Menia 


    FRENCH GROUP 5:Yanis, Jean-Baptiste, Georges & Pedro.

    Spain: Rubis and Darius


    Greece: Tasos &  Giorgos



    FRENCH GROUP 6: Louka, Chiara & Léandru

    (Click here to see it bigger)

    Spain: Luna and Celia


    Greece:Aggelina &  Apostolis