2. Balanced screen diet !

  • POLL: How much screen time do you have per day? (Average time spent on TV, phone, tablet, computer... to work or for entertainment)
    Less than 2 hours a day.
    0 votes (0%)
    Between 2 and 3 hours a day.
    3 votes (8.33%)
    Between 3 and 5 hours a day.
    9 votes (25.00%)
    Between 5 and 7 hours a day.
    13 votes (36.11%)
    More than 7 hours a day.
    10 votes (27.78%)
    I am absolutely addicted to screens !!!
    1 vote (2.78%)

    1. Observe and read to gather ideas:


    2. Brainstorming: words to talk about your screen diet:

    (Adjectives, devices, websites, games, social media...)

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    3. Time to be creative:

    1. Brainstorming in the discussion: share your advice for a balanced diet; what do you usually do in your free time in order to reduce your screen time and engage into real life activities?

    2. Create a poster or write a poem / slam campaigning for a balanced screen diet and the importance of reality quality moments with the people you like! You can use the words from the Menti wordcloud! Share it in the Twinboard.

  • Share your poster or poem / slam with your name & country.

    Flavie corsica

    in our modern world today, access to social networks and the internet is essential. for our future life or work, or to discover new things, talk with new people or just relax. because yes nowadays many people go on the internet to relax or play games on mobile. Unfortunately, excess is no good, and over a quarter of young teens report spending more than 5 hours on the internet for various reasons. even if the internet is a source of entertainment, it leads to desocialization. the world around us is worth seeing and experiencing. being connected is good but wisely

    Clara Corsica

    the world is dangerous, we must protect ourselves and be careful. Putting limits on our phone so as not to overdose on screens and social media, and still not fill your head with bad vibes.

    Océane -Corsica
    Flavie - Corsica
    Tasos Alepous,Greece

    We must put limits to ourselves!!! Nowadays teens use their phones, social media and the internet a lot more than they did in the past..So some good and practical tips to solve that problem is to find interests about books, cooking, drawing ,reading and many more things. The big step is to make a decision and start acting by leaving our phones down .. Screens are dangerous.. Don't let the internet use you.

    Keranis Aggelos, Greece

    1.Tell your kids to do some extra homework
    2.Play music
    3.Maybe cook a small meal
    4.Lastly ask them to do some housework
    There are many ways to spend your free time on doing a lot of different things that usually we wouldn't do... Get up of your bed, leave the huge screen which is destroying you and take up some hobbies...Just try, learn and experience

    George Avgerinopoulos, Greece

    My video

    Louka Corsica

    Nowadays, with mobile phones, computers, we spend a lot of time on the screens and this reduces the time we spend with our family or friends.
    Doing a digital detox, or simply reducing our screen time will allow us to spend more time with our loved ones and be less withdrawn from ourselves. Technology is a good thing, but we must know how to use it wisely and not abuse it so that we don't lose the taste for real discussions and real moments we share with the people we love.

    Stella, Greece
    Aggelos Sekas, Greece
    Talia, Spain

    I think having a balance which includes exercise will definitely help, as it gives you a second to just breath.

    All I want is one day,
    where I can just enjoy the sunrise,
    but covid looks like it is going to stay.
    All I want is one day,
    where I can freely do exercise,
    but covid looks like it is going to stay.
    All I want is one day,
    where everything is normal,
    but covid looks like it is going to stay.
    All I want is one day,
    were we don’t have to be immortal,
    but covid looks like it is going to stay.
    Is that too much to ask for?


    We must limit the phones laptops etc and we must to deal with something else

    Orfeas, greece
    Lurent - France
    Some easy tips for get a equilibrate screen diet. (Merce, Spain)

    1. Make a timetable: We can think: "well, nothing happens if I use it for 10 more minutes", but if you divide the time you will have time for everything
    2. different tones: put a different tone to important people or apps so, if you are in something else, you do not have to be looking at the phone in each notification
    3. Have a watch:Sometimes we go to check the time, we entertain and we end up spending time on social media... so if you have a clock, you will not have that excuse