German curriculum 1



    Bavarian schools have got a curriculum which is quite strict and school books according to the curriculum. We are going to give you an idea about learning English in Bavaria.


    The school book has got 5 Units that need to be done by the end of the school year. Each unit consists of texts with new vocabulary and new grammar wiht exercises:

    Unit 1:

    - youth culture (producing a magazine for young people in English)

    Please answer a question in this thread in the forum.

    The next step is to build up teams that will write collaborative articles. That is why the German students are writing advertising texts to find partners. Please go to this thread in the forum and choose your favourite topic and team.

    - a short story about outsiders and group pressure

    Stiff is ugly and has got fleas.docx

    - you can discuss the story in this thread in the forums


    - Grammar: revision of tenses; present and past participles; participle constructions instead of relative clauses; verbs of perception + object + present participle or infinitive


    - examples of successful engaged youths (producing a radio show with the participation of listeners)

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    Let's create an international radio show with different roles:

    - a presenter

    - a guest who is one of Greta's followers

    - three different people who phone into the show

    For preparation there is a thread in the forum to discuss things, roles and procedure.

    Unit 2:

    - The North of England - learning about a British region - talking about a hike in the mountains

    - The Industrial Revolution - children at work - Sheffield


    - The gap between the North and the South in England - talking about a film

    - Grammar: revision: adjectives used as nouns; participle constructions instead of adverbial clauses; verbs of rest and motion + present participle


    Unit 3:

    - The Beginning of the USA (project: a presentation about the Native Americans)

    - The War of Independence - reasons and progress

    - The history and the present of Native Americans

    - How the West was won - Cowboys - the big railroads

    - Grammar: revision of relative clauses; non-defining relative clauses; revision: gerund and to-infinitive


    Unit 4:

    Extract of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"

    (a novel told from the perspective of an autist boy)


    Unit 5:

    - Future perspectives and the world of work (project: doing a survey about work and job)

    - a report about a gap year abroad

    - answering to job adverts; a letter to answer; a curriculum vitae; a job interview

    - the role of a British callcenter in India; disussing the pros and cons of globalization

    - Grammar: revision: talking about the future; future progressive; future perfect; expressing emphasis; revision: the use of the articles; revision: subject-verb agreement