A visio for our handbook!

  • OBJECTIVES: get ready to create our Christmas handbook & Christmas wishes.

    • CREATIVITY: brainstorming, communication, Christmas telling and wishes. Brainstorming and negotiating for our Christmas handbook.
    • CURRICULUM: English writing and understanding in the Forum + English speaking and understanding directly during the visio; vocabulary: around Christmas and according to our handbook activities..
    • Methodologies: how to exchange during an international meeting, how to negociate, how to explain activities, leadership & team management.
    • COLLABORATION: interactive communication which will be able to strenghten the students links and prepare them for the mobilities. Diplomacy. Communication for the handbook tasks.
    • DIGITAL TOOL: discussion about all the tools used to create the handbook.
    • RESULT: photos, videos, agreements.



    The link:


    ID de reunión: 926 0252 2725

    Código de acceso: JJW2Ln


    Here are some photos from our Christmas visio on 17th December: