1. Homeschooling and ICT in covid time.


    We will be able to write an article from this activity.

    1. Brainstorming: answer and discuss a survey:

    1. We all have had to stay at home for some time during this pandemic. How did you get along with homeschooling? Did the pandemic have an impact on your digital attitude?

    Please answer this questionnaire and tell everybody about your experience:

    2. Observe the results and discuss them at the bottom of the page. (Give your opinion and argue)

    2. Brainstorming: adjectives to qualify my homeschooling experience!

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    3. Time to be creative: draw a homeschooling cartoon or write a humorous acrostic poem or slam poem about your homeschooling experience and share it in the TwinBoard! You can use the words from the Wordcloud.

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    Comic strips, also known as cartoon strips in the United Kingdom, are found daily in newspapers worldwide, and are usually a short series of cartoon illustrations in sequence. In the United States, they are not commonly called "cartoons" themselves, but rather "comics" or "funnies".


  • Share your cartoon / or acrostic poem after writing your name & country!

    Lucia, Germany


    Since we have had school at home
    We learned a lot on one´s own.
    Sometimes when we fell alone,
    we spend time on our phone.

    For learning we have got a tool,
    We all have to play by another rule
    And must check that this is school.
    After some time we played it cool.

    School at home makes us fell tired,
    seeing our friends is much desired.
    On day we all will be together
    Having a party, don´t care about the weather.

    Fabia, Germany

    Nearly one year we have homeschooling now
    We have to do our work alone, and we often ask "how"?
    We have to sit in front of the laptop - four hours a day
    We only see the desktop - white and grey

    Between the lessons, we don´t have much time to relax
    or to drink and eat some snacks
    But it isn´t so bad - well
    Many teachers do their best to make it comfortable

    Let´s see this situation positive
    We learned how to do our work alone - third help not inclusive
    We know, how great it is to have the chance to go to school
    And we learned, we have to follow the rules.

    Sabine - Germany

    Since nearly one year we have homeschooling. We have to work by ourselves or we have to take part in video conferences. Sometimes it is very exhausting when we have in every lesson a video conference. So we sit sometimes during the whole morning in front of a computer. But when we said all the time that it is so bad to don't go real in school and see our friends it won't be better. So we have to do our best.

    Simone, Germany

    Nearly one year now we sit in front of our laptops and had homeschooling. Every student have to teach by himself and it isn't that easy. We havent that much time to realx between the lassons and its hard to be in time. We've got a lot of exercises. We also miss our friends and maybe the teachers too :) I hope to be in normal school soon! But lets stay positive and try to make the best.

    Hannah ,Germany

    We have homeschooling nearly one year now.
    We have to do tasks and work on our own ,and the rest of our time,mdoing school ,we have to take part in Video Conferences.
    Sometimes its really hard to sit half of the day on the Computer ,but i think we have to do our best .

    Laura Ö., Germany

    Nearly one year we have homeschooling and work and study by ourselves. Sometimes the teachers explain some parts of the things to learn in video conferences.
    But that all gives the feeling of fatigue and loneliness. A view students can't handle this situation and get overwhelmed.
    But no one has a choice. We all have to go through this pandemic and there comes a time, when it will be over. The only thing we can do is stay positive and do what the Requirements says.
    But one day we all will be together, have the time of our life, spend time with friends, go to parties and have fun without worrying.

    Aggelos Keranis, greece

    Homeschooling in Primary School

    Amalia, greece

    H omeschooling is the
    O dd
    M onotonous
    E ndless
    S olitary
    C old
    H ypnotic
    O ff-putting
    O ppressive
    L onely
    I ncredible
    N ew
    G lobal

    Stella, Greece

    And our teachers are not near
    In a world that isn’t real
    we often can;t be heard
    and We are filled with fear
    We can’t hug our friends
    And that has no end

    Aggelina, Greece

    In front of a screen all day
    We don’t have fun in any way
    HOMESCHOOLING is tiring
    And life’s not at all exciting.

    Katerina- Greece

    i don't like homeschooling
    i think it is awful
    i am just sitting all day
    and nothing is getting wonderful

    Adrián, Spain

    This scene really happened to me

    Talia, Spain

    I find homeschooling really tiring and mentally draining, if you don't understand something you have to wait until your next lesson and that could be a week away. Teachers also send more homework than normal because we spend hours a day in front of our laptop during lessons and then we have to spend more hours in front of screens doing our homework. I have lost a lot of motivation this year to do my schoolwork, I still do it and make sure my grades don’t drop but it’s a lot less enjoyable. But we just have to push on through.



    María Ángeles, Spain

    I think homeschooling is very tough.
    I had it last year in March, and it was quite stressful, i couldn’t get the units by the correct way. It’s so boring too, cause yo don’t see your friends and you can’t work in a team.
    By this time, i remember feeling anxious and stressed, with too much anxiety about all the homework i had to do, i didn’t understand points of the units and i had nobody who could explain them to me. I had to understand it by myself and this was not easy.
    This affected to our health, i spent all the time sitting on a chair, in front of a laptop, learning nothing. I felt myself scared cause i can’t see the end of homeschooling.
    Now, i know how much being at school worth.
    We have to support one another, this situation will end.
    Let’s be optimistic! And stay healthy!