Electrical energy in our households

  • Students will study how much electrical energy we usually use in our households, monthly and annual household electrical consumption, electrical appliances and their powers, how much energy is produced in their home country, sustainable and renewable resources of energy and differences among countries.

    Their ideas and scientific research will be documented and presented via pictures or powerpoint presentations.

    (A) In November Slovak 16-year-old students made their research on this topic and presented their results on physics lessons, two of 46 powerpoint presentations which were made in English are placed in "Materials":


    Electrical energy in my home (1).pptx


    Uhliar_Use of electricity in our household.pptx


    (B) Younger Slovak pupils discussed the energy sources on Biology lessons and at Arts classes created their artistic visions on the topic: "Energy through our eyes"

    These are some of the pictures of our 11 and 12-year-old pupils:









    (C) More skilled Slovak students tried to design their own scientific models. Like David from 3.A who made a research, several plans and experiments and then created his own electromechanical project "Lights in the Living Room" and Maximilian from 2.A who designed and built his own model of several energy generators.