Creating geometric models of solids

  • Slovak students of the 1st grade at the bilingual programme studied classification of geometric solids and were mainly focused on

    Platonian solids:

    1. Tetrahedron - 4 faces, each face an equilateral triangle
    2. Hexahedron - 6 faces, each face is a square
    3. Octahedron - 8 faces, each face is an equilateral triangle
    4. Dodecahedron - 12 faces, each face is a pentagon (5 edges)
    5. Icosahedron - 20 faces, each face is an equilateral triangle

    They created colourful geometric models of various solids which then they used as building blocks to make a new shape according to their own imagination:






    Platonian solids are great, but do you know K-DRON? It's a very unique solid discovered by Polish architect and drafter, Janusz Kapusta. Let's learn more about it from this presentation made by project group from Zabór:



    Lithuanian team

    Have you ever thought that a small piece of paper might be a solid enough building material? The eighth-grade students tried to improve it. After learning a lot about balance and strength during this school year, several students took on architectural art by building stable and symmetric paper buildings.