Electricity and magnetism in a wider perspective

  • Slovak students (16, 17-year- old) who are studying basic laws of electricity and magnetism were trying to learn more about the historical milestones which lead to our age of electricity and electronics and about scientists whose names should not be forgotten as they made our modern standard of life possible.

    They were looking for new connections in the field of electromagnetism and prepared their powerpoint presentations about international projects which monitor and study the magnetic field of our planet, about the battle between the first supporters of direct and alternating currents which took place in America 120 years ago, about Michael Faraday, Thomas Alva Edison, Nikole Tesla and other scientists whose discoveries and inventions changed our civilization...:

    Magnetic Field of Earth.pdf

    Alternating and direct current.pptx

    Michael Faraday (1).pptx

    Michael Faraday.pptx