Using the scientific method of thinking

  • Scientific Method of Thinking and Creative Mind Maps 

    We all know that mind mapping is a very effective tool for both students and educators seeking to maximize the learning experience.

    Why? Here are several reasons offered by professionals in education:

    Studying with mind maps leads to

    • improved memory and better recall
    • stronger engagement
    • enhanced creativity
    • deeper comprehension
    • clearer expression
    • better problem-solving

    To sum up: „Mind maps mirror the way our brains actually work. That is why we remember information better and longer“

    Our students know it and we are glad they use it.


    Slovak experience

    Students of the 2nd grade at bilingual programme were studying the forms of energy - the energy stores and energy transfers and prepared the mindmaps of the useful expressions and knowledge.

    “Forms of energy”  (Physics class)

    “Moment of a Force”  (Physics class)


    Students of the 1st grade at bilingual programme studied concepts of happiness, kindness, justice and knowledge. They used Socratic debate to search the meaning of these phenomena. They tried to use scientific way of thinking:

    1, They simplified problems – it means they made problems as simple as they could.

    2, They were critical and they always looked critically at data. We can say that they questioned everything.

    3, Sometimes they rejected the ideas that failed.

    4, They tried to find the evidence for their accepted ideas.

    They prepared mind maps of their thoughts.

    „Socratic debate“ (History class)

    “School Exam Topics”  (English class)

    Students worked hard to prepare for their English final state exams and also approached the topics with the means of mind mapping

    FAMILY -mindmap.docx

    CULTURE - mindmap.docx

    SPORTS - mindmap.docx

    SHOPPING - mindmap.docx

    HOUSING - mindmap.docx


     “Transformation of Trigonometric Functions”  (Maths class)

    During COVID 19 pandemic students were also asked to use mind mapping as a very effective way of both learning as well as revising of the knowledge. These are some of the many designs they used for Maths lessons.

    Transformation of Trig. Functions - Dominika.pdf


    To enhance students' creativity and their scientific perception of the world around us, once a year they attend classes in different science centres, like The Centre of Science "Kopernik" in Warsaw or "Experiment" in Tricity. We have also visited IQlandia in Liberec, in the Czech Republic. Both students and teachers had a lot of fun and learnt a lot of interesting things!