Solving Rubik's Cube

  • Solving Rubik's cube

    According to the article which appeared in Cosmos 61 - Feb-Mar 2015 under the headline "Art inspires a magic cube" ErnÅ‘ Rubik, a Hungarian teacher of design courses at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts created a plastic cube with six different colours, one for each face, with each face divided into a 3x3 grid in 1974.

    The beauty of it was that each face could turn independently thanks to an internal mechanism of 21 parts moving on curved tracks.

    It is probable that he had considered the cube to be primarily a work of art, until he scrambled the colours. Realising how difficult it was to restore each face to a single colour, Rubik discovered he’d created a puzzle. Afterwards it took him more than a month to work out how to solve it.

    Our students will learn how to solve this popular puzzle and organise an international school competitions of the solvers.

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