Climate change and other environmental issues performances - collaborative activity

  • Slovak team suggested creating performances on different topics connected with climate change and taking care of environment.

    We can read about pollution, deforestation, endangered species in the media but it does not mean all of us are really aware of the alarming global situation.

    When we look around and see how we are damaging our only world, we have to feel the urgent necessity to raise the environmental awareness.  It is especially imperative to teach children about its importance as it's them who will be most affected by our actions. Therefore, we must equip our children with the tools necessary to behave in a responsible and informed way towards the environment.

    We try to make our students grasp those issues on their own way and with their own points of view.

    Here is the place to share the ideas on the topic and present the videos and pictures of students' performances.


    Performance by Polish 8th graders: Nikola, Kasia and Kinga


    Slovak Performances for the Environment 

    This year we organised a Day of Performances for the Environment in November 2019. All students prepared their 5-minute class shows and performed them for the whole school. They used their creativity in writing screenplays, preparing props and costumes, even in creating poems, dances or songs. To make their own stand for the Earth.

    In the first photos there are our youngest 12-year-olds who played a show about the impact of pollution and business with animals on the life of living organisms in forests. They played different animals and finished the story with the happy end in which hunters and smugglers were caught and wild life was saved.

    Our 13-year-olds displayed the struggle against water pollution and how whaling and fish industry  destroy the ocean life.

    14-year-old pupils used their voice to save the turtles.


    15-year-old pupils focused their attention on the need to save the water and to clean our rivers and lakes


    Our students also wrote several compositions on importance of animals, on diversity and extinctions in the history of our Earth for their History lessons and lessons of Creative Writing. 

    I believe animals exist to ....docx

    Extinction Events in the History of Earth.docx


    I believe that animals exist to.docx

    Do we need to protect our nature_filip.docx





    Lithuanian students have worked on the topic "A right to fight". 15 aged students have discussed the biggest environmental issues like air pollution, global warming, endangered species and etc. Everyone knows all these problems and discuss about it...our students tried to performance some situations from the animals sides... how do they feel in some situations caused by people. There are some conversations of polar bears.



  • Climate change - topics of performances


    Why do people cut the forests down? Is it possible for human beings to live without trees? Can trees be easily replaced?

    Global warming

    How do people contribute to global warming? Is it possible to reduce it in a short time?

    Water pollution

    Why shouldn't we throw or pour rubbish to lakes or rivers? Which substances are the most dangerous? What should we do if we see someone who pollutes water?

    Food waste

    How does wasting food affect our climate? Why should we remember about "recycling" food?

    Buying too many clothes

    Why buying too many clothes is dangerous for the climate? What can we do with clothes we don't need anymore? Can clothes by "recycled"? How?

    Air pollution

    How can we reduce the air pollution? How can we avoid negative effects of air pollution? What means of transport are the most harmful and cause bigger air pollution?

    Endangered species

    Do you know any endangered species of animals or plants? Are there any natural disasters which may cause animal or plant species to be endangered? In what way people can protect endangered species?

    Greenhouse effect

    What is it? Is it connected with human actions? Can we do something to reduce it?

    Plastic pollution

    Over 1 million marine animals (including mammals, fish, sharks, turtles, and birds) are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean. Does it have to continue?

    Fossil fuels

    When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which in turn trap heat in our atmosphere, making them the primary contributors to global warming and climate change. We know how alarming the situation is. Why do not we focus more on replacing them with renewable energy sources?

    Acid rain

    It destroys forests and crops as well as our buildings, statues and other works of art. How to protect against it?