Mathematical beauty around us - collaborative activity

  • Participants are to discover and talk about mathematical beauty (based, for example, on symmetry) hidden in the objects that surround us.

    They will also discuss feelings evoked by this kind of beauty.

    Mathematics around us.ppt

    Examples of Maths around us by Wiktor W..ppt

    Maths around us.ppt

    mathematics around us by Alan B..ppt

    Polish students prepared some presentations with mathematical beauty in everyday objects. Without Maths it would be impossible to use them!

    Let's answer some questions in a survey prepared by Polish students!


    Mathematical Beauty based on symmetry in Lithuanian students' eyes

    Lithuanian students worked on this topic during Art and Design lessons with our teacher AudronÄ—. Let's have a look ;)

    Mathematical beauty based on symmetry.pptx

    We put on.pdf

    Paper cutting.doc



    Slovak students in the bilingual proramme were looking for symmetry and examples of other mathematical patterns in the nature and human products around us: 


  • Mathematical patterns around us

    Golden ratio in nature

    GIK Hlohovec, SK

    Symmetry in nature

    GIK Hlohovec, SK

    Symmetry in architecture

    GIK Hlohovec, SK

    Golden ratio in architecture

    GIK Hlohovec, SK

    Symmetry in photography

    GIK Hlohovec, SK

    Symmetry in biology

    GIK Hlohovec, SK