Interdisciplinary phenomena in school curriculum

  • We would look for interdisciplinary phenomena in our school subjects, in our minds, in our European heritage.

    (A) We can learn about people like Leonardo da Vinci, William Blake, Steve Jobs, ...hundreds of others who were polyhistors and could not be shut in small boxes that we usually create in our school reality - students can search for people like these in our history.

    They will present their ideas to classmates at lessons of physics, biology or chemistry and share their best works on the international level.

    The presentations were posted in the section of STEAM heritage.


    (B) Slovak students participated at the lecture and discussion related to the interdisciplinary themes connected to physics and work of inspirational scientists like Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein who all contributed to the unification of knowledge in physics and also to the other fields like biology, chemistry, cosmology and so on. We found out that if we want to find the theory of everything first we need to explore the space and discover what it consists of and what its structure is like. 



    (C) We will study ordinary curriculum content in an extra-ordinary or a wider perspective with regard to interdisciplinarity. Students will make their own research of applications of basic laws of physics in the world around us.

    Students of the 2nd grade studied laws of hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, interesting information on the the water and diving and life in deep seas: 


    Physical and Chemical Properties of Water.pptx