Where music meets maths and other sciences

  • Mathematics and music seem to be very different, but in fact they have a lot in common. How does maths appear in music? Is it necessary to be a good mathematician to become a musician?

    In this step project participants are to examine music issues taking into account mathematical aspects.The task is difficult, but the methods and final outcomes depend on you!

    In this section we will also share our research on how music can stimulate our interest in scientific issues.

    Can music be the bridge between the very common hobby of teenagers in music and the very serious and sometimes viewed as a difficult field of sciences? Can music be the force that will make the science more exciting for the young?


    Two films about maths in music found by Polish maths team: Kamil and Ela :) Isn't that beautiful?



    Where music meets math

    Music and math have a close relationship that goes back thousands of years to the origins of music and civilization. Of course, you do not need to know your times tables in order to play more beautifully, but numbers and patterns help us to understand the structure of music and more! We use numbers and math to teach music every day.

    Numbers tell us a lot of information about a piece of music. Music is divided in sections called measures and each measure has equal amounts of beats. These are the same as mathematical divisions of time. Each piece of music as a time signature that gives rhythmic information about the piece, such as how many beats are in each measure.

    Lithuanian students tried to find as more as possible information about music and math’s relationship. At first glance it doesn’t make a big impact of them but searching on the Net was amazing. Students worked on this task became astonished and crazy about founded interesting fact, songs and tasks.  

    We share our ideas how it could be used in the lessons:

    Where music meets math Lesson1-2.pdf

    Maths and music worksheet no.1.doc

    Math and Music worksheet 2.pdf

    Math and Music worksheet 3.pdf


    Lithuanian students created Padlet:


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    Slovak experience

    Our students who like the German film score composer Hans Zimmer works added above some information on several movies with scientific topics which became so powerful and world-known also thanks to Hans Zimmer or other extra-ordinary musical talents.