Fractions in the kitchen

  • Let's practice fractions with kitchen tools! At the end of this tasks, participants will exchange some recipes and try to recreate them.


    November 2019 

    Slovak students (12 years old) were trying to learn some financial issues by baking muffins at our Global Education Week with their Maths teacher. They had a lot of fun and even some special guests (British Ambassador to Slovakia Andrew Garth, Colonel David  Catmur and others) visited them while they were in the middle of their work.


    Muffin Recipe of Slovak pupils.docx


    Lithuanian activities with fractions :)

    Lithuanians are the only nation who preserved such a unique and symbolic baked treat as Kūčiukai. Today Kūčiukai are more and more rarely baked at home so they lose their symbolic meaning. It is common that there is a variety of flavours of Kūčiukai found on store shelves, however, they are very far from the traditionally baked Lithuanian goods. Therefore, according to an ethnologist, it's very important to preserve the true secret of baking traditional Kūčiukai so that traditional recipes continue to be transmitted from generation to generation.

    These small baked pastries were made with buckwheat, rye, different mixtures of several crops. The dough contained not only poppy seeds but also linseed, hemp mash. In different Lithuanian regions, the sizes and forms of kūčiukai were also different. These small pastries unite all Lithuanian people on December 24th, supporting the rituals of Christmas Eve supper.

    Nowadays, the recipe for kūčiukai has changed considerably: we eat them softer, sweeter and more sweet-scented.

    Every year our students bake Kūčiukus during the technology lessons.

    Recipe of Gingerbread House.doc


    May 2020

    Polish students worked hard on the topic of fractions in the kitchen also in the time of on-line teaching. They prepared healthy dishes and learnt mathematical abilities in English: cut into halves, cut into quarters, divide, add...