Physics in movies

  • Physics is considered as a very challenging science, so it is sensible to utilize any opportunity to make it more appealling for the students. Movies seem to be of a great help.


    Slovak experience

    Slovak 14 and 15-year-old students got the assignment to explore several scientific issues through the watching of the movie Gravity.

    Here is the assignment:

    Gravity, 2013

    1, Is the title of the movie accurate?

    2, What is Kessler Syndrome?

    3, What is the importance of space debris issue?

    4, What is/was the role of Hubble Space Telescope?

    5, Is Hubble Space Telescope still working?

    6, What is ISS?

    7, How high is it moving?

    8, What is its orbital time?

    9, What is the speed of ISS?

    10, What forces are in action when ISS orbits the Earth?

    11, What is the width of Earth’s atmosphere?

    12, What is the temperature at 600 km above the Earth?

    13, Can we hear the sound of the space?

    14, What is the Aurorae?

    15, Do space stations fall out of orbit?

    16, What happens to a human body in the open space?

    17, Does a human body freeze instantly when exposed to space?

    18, What effects does space flight have on a human body?

    19, What are 20 most important key words in the movie?

    20, How did the community of scientists and astronauts evaluate the movie?

    21, What are your impressions and opinions on the movie's script, cast, CGI, music?

    And here are some of the students works:

    Reports on Gravity movie 2013.docx