• Tasks planned in this step of the project

    1. Making a calendar.

    Participants are going to create their own calendars and exchange them with project partners. Moreover, they are going to crate tasks and quizzes concerning the months and seasons of the year.

    Tasks can be prepared with online tools, like LearningApps, Wordwall, Flippity, Kahoot or in the form of riddles.

    2. The currency exchange.

    Participants organise a bureau de change. Imagine you go on holidays to one of the partner countries. Firstly, each group casts lots to decide which country they're going to. Then, they have to check the currency rate and plan their trip. Accomodation, food, travel costs and other expenses should be included. Groups from different countries should cooperate in order to get the most authentic view on the cost of a one - or two-week trip.

    3. At the restaurant.

    Participants organise school restaurants with traditional products, characteristic to their regions or countries. Then they invite other partners to visit the restaurant. "The visitors" have to order food, keeping to their budget and taste.

    4. A tuck shop.

    Participants are to plan the budget of a tuck shop and create a "GTA tuck shop" together. From the goods offered through their prices to some exemplary transactions - everything depends on the participants :)

    5. Fractions in the kitchen.

    Let's practice fractions with kitchen tools! At the end of this tasks participants will exchange some recipes and try to recreate them.

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    Questions for discussion...

    The tasks are super, do we plan and write the deadline of the tasks? It would be easier to plan our work.

    Plan with deadlines

    The plan of our work with deadlines is available on Instructions page. Of course, dividing the work and stating the deadlines makes project work easier :)