European STEAM heritage

  • This is the place to present and discuss European achievements in the area of STEAM. We're going to learn more not only about the most famous inventors, scientists and mathematicians, like Leonardo da Vinci or Galileo, but also about some less-known people from our countries who contributed to the development of STEAM ideas.


    Slovak students chose several extraordinary well-known scientists and inventors whose work made a great impact on our whole civilization: 


    Mark Zuckerberg.pptx

    Steve Jobs.pptx

    Slovak bilingual students created a padlet of the most influetial and greatest minds who belong to our world STEAM heritage. They share the educational, informative and appealing sources they have studied from during classes.



    Janusz Kapusta was a Polish inventor and architect, who was not very famous in Poland, but his work was well-known abroad. Why? Watch a presentation made by the Polish team!