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    Monika Mojsiejonek - teacher coordinator from Poland

    Hello! My name is Monika and I teach English in a primary school in Zabór. Zabór is a village situated close to Zielona Góra, in the west of Poland. In my free time I love reading books, especially English and American literature (I read "Jane Eyre" four times and wrote my MA thesis on Stephen King's "Pet sematary"; I also often go back to the last part of the Harry Potter series). I easily get bored with my everyday routine, that's why I try to travel whenever I have time (and money ;) ). I've visited 18 European countries so far. My biggest dream is to travel across the USA, visiting also the places which are not so popular among tourists, like Slab City. And, finally, I'm very happy to coperate with so many engaged people - teachers and students - in this wonderful project :)

    Ivana Fáziková - teacher coordinator from Slovakia

    Hi. I am a person who loves studying a lot. Whether it is literature, arts, science, philosophy, psychology or history, once I find myself immersed in a topic, I am ready to spend plenty of time exploring the issue.
    That is probably the reason why I became the teacher of Maths, Physics and English. I teach at the secondary grammar school in Hlohovec which is a small town situated 70 km from our Slovak capital Bratislava.
    I believe that travelling to other countries and learning about their cultures broaden our horizons and make people more tolerant, empathetic, curious and kinder and wiser. And these qualities have always been the most important.
    I feel very fortunate as I have always been meeting very inspirational people in groups of other teachers, our students or through participation in various projects on the local, national or international level.
    I wish good luck to our project.

    Jurgita Raketienė - teacher from Lithuania.

    Hello! I'm Jurgita and work as an English and German teacher at Vidiskes gymnasium. Our school is located about 6 kilometers from the district Center in Ignalina. The school is rebuild. There are 30 teachers and 187 students aged 6-18. Vidiškės Gymnasium provides pre-school, primary, basic and secondary education. What about me? I'm a responsible person, I'm always into what is new for me. My hobbies are gardening and travelling. I used to play table tennis when I was teenager, but a long time I'm thinking about this sport kind that could be again one of my free time activities. My biggest dream is to visit Switzerland and Italy, I really fascinate the nature and history of these countries. Taking part in this project would be challenge for us. We hope the time spend together will be the best experience we had in last years ;)

    Short info about Vidiskes gymnasium.
    Short text about Vidiskes gymnasium.
    Kamil Matras - teacher from Poland

    Hi everyone! My name is Kamil and I am a math teacher at a primary school in Zabór. In addition to mathematics, I love reading Stephan King books, traveling and listening to music (especially Marilyn Manson). I really enjoy contact with nature. I live in the countryside so I often have the opportunity to walk in the woods and watch wildlife. My dream is to have a private island where from time to time I could stay only with myself and the nature that surrounds me :)

    Elżbieta Matras

    Hi! My name is Elżbieta. I am the headmaster of the Primary School John Paul II in Zabór and a teacher of mathematics and IT. I love solving sudoku and other mathematical puzzles. I spend most of my free time in the garden, cultivating flowers and vegetables. I am a supporter of self-grown vegetables and fruits. I love reading books. Clice Cussler is my favorite author.

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    Students from Zabór, Poland


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