Scientific knowledge and precision in art

  • Participants will look for examples of a skilfull use of scientific knowledge in pieces of art: books, paintings, sculptures or monuments etc.

    The outcomes may be presented in the form of ebook or PowerPoint presentations


    Presentations made by participants from Slovakia:

    Our students chose several influential figures in the field of art from various countries and different times. 

    After their research they made presentations on William Blake, Leonardo da Vinci, Antoni Gaudí concerning their artistic skills and scientific precision utilised in their work, their legacy and their unforgettable pieces of artworks... In the process they got stunned by beauty created by these well-known geniuses.


    William Blake.pptx

    Leonardo da Vinci.pptx

    Antoni Gaudí.pptx


    Polish students made cubistic masks, based on the work of Pablo Picasso and other cubists. Here is a presentation on the outcomes!