• Experience from Slovakia

    Slovak students of the 3rd and 4th year of the IT Seminar took part in the Road2FEI competition (FEI is an acronym which means the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies at Slovak Technical University). The main goal is to construct a robot and program it to follow a line along a given path thanks to a module with infrared sensors.

    The school was sent a kit with the necessary parts and instructions in order to teach students the basics of robotics and be able to construct a robot according to requirements.

    Students were also asked to create an internet and facebook page where pupils should send articles on progress with their robot. The students at our school were divided into two groups, both of which are now in parts with an infrared sensor that records the difference between a black and a white background, on which the whole principle of line movement works.

    After almost eight months of work, two teams in our school, the first team called „ZYXGenesis“, the second team called „Gimkáči“ ovecame ten laps of the competition successfully and got to the finish line. Here they are:


    Polish students from classes 1-3 participated in robotics classes. They played with Dash and Dot robots and had the opportunity to build their own robot using Lego sets. Next school year we will be having robotics classes thanks to Ela (our headmistress), who wrote a project and got the funding :)