Science, design and technology

  • Tasks planned in this step of the project


    1. A toytown.

    The aim of this task is to create a toytown with the use of mathematical and scientific knowledge. Be creative and surprise other project participants with inspiring, unconventional ideas!

    2. A honeycomb and tessellations.

    Bees are extremely wise creatures! As their honeycombs are a perfect example of the beauty in nature, the participants will start with studying them. After that, they'll create their own tessellations.

    3. Code my life.

    Binary and QR codes are everywhere! Let's gather the examples of the ones that surround us. And maybe some groups will be brave enough to create their own codes?

    4. Interdisciplinary phenomena in school curriculum.

    We would look for interdisciplinary phenomena in our school subjects, in our minds, in our European heritage.

    We can learn about people like Leonardo da Vinci, William Blake, Steve Jobs, ...hundreds of others who were polyhistors and could not be shut in small boxes that we usually create in our school reality - students can search for people like these in our history.

    They will present their ideas to classmates at lessons of physics, biology or chemistry and share their best works on the international level.

    5. Appealing famous scientists quotes.

    Students will present quotes of their favourite scientists in their own designs.

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