Code my life

  • Binary and QR codes are everywhere! Let's gather the examples of the ones that surround us. And maybe some groups will be brave enough to create their own codes?


    We will also try to make our own research on the real code of our lives which biologists together with physicists, chemists, programmers and other scientists have been searching for decades. Our students can use everything they have learnt at biology or chemistry lessons as well as in their free time just from the curiosity. We can share the sources (books, websites, videos) that we find the most useful and explain the recent knowledge at the basic, elementary level for the youngest pupils up to the more academically challenging level for older students. We can learn from each other and inspire each other.

  • What do we know about codes present in our life?

    Binary code table
    Binary code information
    Gotfried Leibniz
    George Boole
    Why do computers use binary numbers?
    Why are QR codes useful?
    How QR codes work?
    The Digital Code of DNA

    DNA has two types of digital information: the genes and the gene regulatory network

    The Chemical Structure of DNA

    The four bases A = adenine, T = thymine, G = guanine, C = cytosine on a single strand of DNA act as a code

    What is DNA?

    From four letters A, T, G, C through DNA, RNA, amino acids, proteins, cells, tissues, organs to all living organisms

    Lessons From The Human Genome Project

    About the first efforts to decode the human genome by the team of Dr. James Watson in the 50s to the present research

    How To Sequence The Human Genome

    Thanks to technological advances, scientists are now able to get the sequences of A's, T's, C's and G's that actually make us as individuals.

    DNA = The Book of You

    It has 46 chapters, 23 from your mom, and 23 from your dad ...