Reading SciFi

  • We are reading world-famous Sci-Fi in March

    March is designated as National Reading Month - a month to motivate people of all ages to read.

    We are all aware of benefits of reading. Reading is fun and it is a crucial part of education and professional development. It increases cognitive function, memory, vocabulary, empathy and decreases levels of stress. 

    Slovak students - reading experience

    To celebrate it, Slovak students are going to read in March on the regular week basis (at least for 45 minutes) books according to their free will, preferably various world famous sci-fi. They will prepare reports on their feelings and impressions as well as brief summaries after their reading and inform other schoolmates about their opinions and recommendations towards these literary works. It was our plan and we laid the foundation of this activity during the first March week and spent one lesson in silence and reading. The only sound we could hear was the sound of turning book pages:).

    Eventually right afterwards school closures were announced to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and more than before it turned out to be a very appropriate and benefitial assignment and our students are going to carry on this activity in their homes.

    Here are the first reports on their first "reading session"

    Asimov Foundation.docx

    An Invisible Man.docx

    Magazine report.odt

    As the reading activity was appreciated by students so much, we decided to continue and widen the scope of books - students could choose any kind of authentic English books and were not restricted by the preference of sci-fi genre. This gave them more freedom and what is more important they could be more engaged. Actually, they found themselves so immersed in it, we prolonged the deadline of this activity many times and finally it was almost three-month intrinsically motivated activity.

    We hope you can use these best book reviews by Slovak students written from March 2020 until May 2020.                                             


    The statistical probability of love at first sight.docx

    Kathleen Glasgow How to Make Friends with the Dark.docx

    Suzanne Collins Hunger Games.docx

    Zilpha Keatley The Velvet Room.docx

    Lars Kepler - Stalker review.docx

    Jay Asher Thirteen Reasons Why.docx

    Robert Fulghum.docx


    Some of the students also created short audio reports about the books they read and their opinions on this reading experience:


    hunger games.mp3

    how to make friends with the dark. .mp3

    the statistical probability of love at first sight.mp3



    Stanisław Lem was Polish writer of sci-fi novels. Here is a Padlet, made by the Polish team, about him and his amazing stories.

    Algirdas Jonas "AlgisBudrys  was a Lithuanian-American science fiction author, editor and critic. Here is info about him prepared by Lithuanian team.