How to plan School Christmas Celebrations efficiently? We inspire each other...

  • Every year we as Christians celebrate Christmas at various occasions, not only at home, at work, also at schools. 

    These events are repeated over and over every year so it can be very refreshing to see how other schools organise these very special moments. So, we would like to inspire one another ...


    Inspiration from Slovakia

    As usually the last day before leaving on Christmas holiday, one class prepares a cultural Christmas programme. This year our 17-year-olds were in charge.

    They wrote and performed their own play on the theme of Christmas. They created a very thoughtful and heartwarming tale in which "the Father Frost" (or Ded Moroz) with his assistant Elsa, one of the Frozen sisters, reward good The Little Match Girl and punish her evil step-sister. Finally, the story ends with the moral that we can make a mistake but it is important to try to realize what was wrong and then start again, that it is important to be ready to apologise for wrong behaviour and to be ready to forgive. 


    Inspiration from Poland

    Every year, we celebrate Christmas with a meeting of all the students and teachers close to our school Christmas tree. We sing carols and read the Bible. Then, we share the holy wafer and organise small Christmas treats in every classroom.

    This year, our school drama club prepared a special performance titled "A gift". We watched it the day before Christmas break.

    The students' union prepared a school game, based on QR codes. Everyone could take part in it. The participants were to solve several riddles and quizzes and answer a few questions about Christmas traditions in Poland and all over the world.


    Inspiration from Lithuania

    Everyone likes Christmas time, especially kids. Our school has got strong Christmas traditions: the last week of November is for making ornaments and decorating our classes, school. The week before Christmas lots of teachers are organising Christmas lessons, for example, students bake gingerbread houses or "Kūčiukai", watch Christmas films and discuss the plot, messages of the films. During English lesson, we prepare the presentation "Christmas time in Lithuania" and have invited two volunteers, who volunteer in ANP (Aukstaitija National Park). We change the info about Lithuanian, French and Turkish customs. Then play funny games and have a really good time. The "top" of our school's tradition is Christmas carnival. For the Christmas carnival are responsible the 12th-grade students, the think out the main theme of the carnival and every class gets the topic and prepare their performances, in this year the theme was "Time travel". 

    Here you can see our Christmas carnival's video:

    Presentation prepared by students:

    Christmas time in Lithuania.pptx

    Powerpoint with games used during English lesson:

    Christmas time 5,12 f.ppt

    Moments from English lessons: