Synergy with IES La Marisma

  • IES La Marisma is a centre in Huelva.

    •  We have a close contact with them because most teachers at IES San Sebastián have previously worked there and the other way round. Besides, we have also shared Erasmus experiences with them. We took a course through Inercia Digital in Perugia, Italy: e-mprover.


    A virtual travel agency. As part of the project, they have received French students, so they are designing and printing Notre Dame Cathedral with their 3D printer:


    This activity is really relevant to our KA 226 because we plan to purchase a 3D printer, and one of our teachers, Manuel Mora, has one of his own. He has printed a Cube for the Merge Cube activitiies.





    • They have also started a Farm Tractor Simulator using Oculus Virtual Reality Glasses.


    Tractor Simulator (click on link)


     These activities nourish our project.