- Flipgrid

  • Flipgrid:

    A website for videos. Flipgrid is a website and app that allows teachers to facilitate video discussions. Students are organized into groups and then given access to discussion topics.






    - Develop digital and learn to learn competence as well as launch initiative and autonomy.

    - Evaluate and reflect on their own learning process

    - Develop speaking skills either in remote or live classes

    - Enhance cooperative work

    - Foster the use of new technologies


    In a group at Business Administration and Finance, in all didactic units, they have to perform a communicative situation in pairs:

    An example:

    • Purchasing Office Material, to evaluate their IT and Speaking Skills.

    This type of activity enhances teamwork, in fact they have to gather together to prepare dialogues and rehearse.


    • Also, when working the Job interview and the CV, we use Flipgrid to make a presentation and a technique when you want to show your personal brand: an Elevator Pitch:

    This student at Business Administration and Finance, had previously got a VET in Automotion. She makes a presentation of herself in English, highlighting her skills, strenghts and why she is suitable for a particular job at an interview.


  • Any other interesting activity with Flipgrid?