- Slido.com


    Slido.com is an application to make questions and obtain answers when making a presentation or giving a class. It is an excellent way of feedback in real time.

    Teachers  have to register with a Google account. Then, create an event. Students will acces by means of a link or a QR code using a mobile phone.

    Once in the activity, they will give a suitable answer to the questions. A green bar showing the percentaje of people who got it right , is shown. For those who made a mistake, another red bar is shown, also specifying a percentage of fail.




    1. Slido at a 2 Bach class.

    2. Slido at a VET Office Administration class.

    3. Slido at a Business Administration and Finance class



    - Develop digital competence

    - Evaluate and reflect on their own learning process

    - Foster the use of new technologies

    - Power interaction during virtual or live classes


    • Slido used at a Post Compulsory Secondary education, 2nd year Bach, class to review grammar and vocabulary for a test.





    •   Slido used at a VET group, Office Administration





    •   Slido used at a 1 Business Administration and Finance to review regular/ irregular verbs for Business and Economics.