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    Acumbamail, is an online platform that offers its service to create and send email marketing campaigns, sms marketing and landing pages.


    The Digital Marketing module students have carried out  a group work presentation and implementation of activity to develop an EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN, sending a promotional newsletter of our business idea to the rest of our classmates.

    This activity is based on the strategy of Digital Marketing Relationship Marketing, and more specifically through E-Mail Marketing.

    Relationship Marketing is the set of strategies for building and expanding the brand, prospecting, loyalty and creation of authority in the market.

    Relationship Marketing is about much more than helping sales. It is not only to obtain customers, but to conquer and build customer loyalty. This strategy helps us to create lasting and profitable relationships with your customers.

    Relationship Marketing for Email or MAIL MARKETING is used to create lasting and profitable relationships with your customers.

        Convert visitors into customers: you have to take advantage of the first contact because from that moment a relationship begins to form.
        Increase consumption in your company: if you create a good relationship with the customer, your strategy will have the effect you are looking for.
        They go from being customers to ambassadors of your brand: satisfied consumers are the best promoters of your business.