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  • Liveworksheets.com is a tool which allows teachers to create interactive worksheets for their students. ... It is also possible to create speaking exercises where students have to record themselves using the tool's microphone.

    It allows you to transform your traditional printable worksheets (doc, pdf, jpg...) into interactive online exercises with self-correction, which we call "interactive worksheets". Students can do the worksheets online and send their answers to the teacher. This is good for the students (it's motivating), for the teacher (it saves time) and for the environment (it saves paper).

    Additionally, our interactive worksheets take full advantage of the new technologies applied to education: they may include sounds, videos, drag and drop exercises, join with arrows, multiple choice... and even speaking exercises, that the students must do using the microphone.

    It is available in many languages and subjects!


    You can share it through Moodle:

    Life Worksheets: Physical Activity

    You can share it through WhatsApp and get almost immediate feeback from students. The teacher shares a Whatsapp with the student in charge of the group, parents,... Send the link and share work with your students in an easy and fast way.

    Life Worksheets: Reported Speech