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      Cinema Classroom

    The Andalusian Agency for Cultural Institutions signs a collaboration agreement with the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival to carry out training activities in the Aula de Cine educational program in order to promote audiovisual literacy among Andalusian students.


    This was a project at IES San Sebastián.

    A series of screenings of different films, in a very friendly and conducive environment to improve interaction between teachers and with students. Each teacher will choose a few (4 to 6) students from any course and prepare a movie viewing with them. This film will be screened later for a small group of students and teachers. Before each projection, the students will make a presentation of the aspects that they consider most interesting in relation to the film. A worksheet will also be made of its adaptation to certain areas of the curriculum and its educational value. Later, the film can be presented to a class group.


                                   New Technologies applied to the Cinema

        Cinta Fernandez Villegas, English teacher, has collaborated very actively in the preparation of materials Presentation of a cinema classroom in Genially:

             Presentation link




    There is a great variety of apps to use:

    - Madlipz, for dubbing

    - FilmoraGo, is a trendy video editing app for beginners.

    - ImageChef, photo, audio, and video editing, for fun

    - Canva

    - Shortcut, video editor


    By the way, just purchased a Croma screen!

    Chroma key is a term most associated with the desired effect achieved from the use of a green or blue screen, or by using green or blue paint. Let's explain what chroma key technology is and how to use it.