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    1. Subject: English

    2. Scientist Women's Breakfast

    3. Subject: Commercial Spaces and Sales Management


                          1.    SUBJECT: ENGLISH

    Vocabulary and Functions activity with a group at 1 Business Administration and Finance. Teacher: Carmen F Nevado

    Unit 6 Telephone conversations, telephone etiquette.

    The aim is to revise vocabulary and phrases when talking on the phone in a real communicative situation: ordering supplies, complaining, need to talk to someone.





    The link appears on Moodle and can be played as a guest from home, particularly for those students who were absent due to Covid-19 lockdowns:





    Students introduce the number code or QR code using their mobile phones. This allows them to participate actively, either individually or in teams.








    We have helped preparing a Kahoot game at the event Breakfast with Women Scientist. Teachers: Pilar Carmona and Carmen F Nevado

    Students prepared reviews on important women in science, some students prepared a healthy breakfast to be served, some local women of science were invited to the event. An attractive Kahoot game was played.







    3. Commercial Spaces and Sales Management

    20 Febr 2022

    Revision activity carried out with a group in their 1 year of Commercial Spaces and Sales Management, KAHOOT Unit 9: Accounting Process Management

    Teacher: Carlos Ruíz Mingorance

    Students really enjoyed the game.