Synergy with Predict CSD Consulting (Romania)

  • Predict CSD Consulting in Romania, is a company set up in 2006 and specialises in delivering training courses, visual products and consultancy in different fields such as:

    - 2D, 3D games, Video games as tools in educational areas

    - E-Learning, Online courses

    - Youth work

    - Recruitment and selection of personnel- simulation exercises

    - Organizing events in tourism, culture

    - Stakeholders engagement

    - Corporate Social Responsibility

    - Project Management


    They are not a school, although they have been granted an Erasmus Plus project:

    The Spirit of Europe Origins, a free educational single player jRPG videogame with philosophical flavour. Availble for download from 30 September 2021.


    Embody a fragment of mythical Europa and travel through history from the ancient times to the Renaissance. Experience humanistic metaphor of historical events as we know them, possess over a huindred characters, drive their actions and witness their consequences in pivotal events in Europe's past.

    Video (click on link)


    We got to know them on Facebook, Carmen F Nevado personally contacted them through Messenger to check is the game could be shared with students at IES San Sebastián, Huelva and also with our teachers and  partenr countries.








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